Larrivee Acoustic Guitars.
Large Body:

Large Guitars:
  • L - Larrivee Body
  • D – Dreadnought
  • LV - Venetian Cutaway
  • C - Florentine Cutaway

  • R - Rosewood sides and back
  • E – Pickup
  • 12 - 12-string

A full-size guitar with full-size guitar sound. Nearly as large as a dreadnought but more curved like a classical guitar.

The "L" body is Larrivee's signature instrument. It is a big-body guitar with a 16" lower bout but is narrower in the waist and upper bout than a dreadnought. This gives most of the bass and authority of a “dread” with the openness and balance like an OM.

The nut size is 1&3/4”, thus 1/16th wider than on a dreadnought, making the L body a very versatile guitar, great for both strumming and fingerstyle.

Perhaps the most versatile steel string made, this guitar can handle pretty much everything you throw at it. A wonderful fingerstyle guitar that can also “dish it out” when strummed hard. Even hardcore dreadnaught players are sometimes caught off guard by this body.

Comes in a 12-string version.

There are two cutaway variations of the Larrivee Body: LV and C.

L - Specifications:

Scale Length: 25.5”
Upper Bout: 11.625"
Waist: 10.375"
Lower Bout: 16"
Body Depth: 4.75"
Nut Width: 1 3/4"

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D – Dreadnought

The dreadnought is nowadays the most common body style and what most people think of as a steel-stringed guitar.

The dreadnought, as the name suggests, is a big instrument with a big sound. It became the workhorse of singer-song-writers from the 1970s onward, popular for many styles of playing.

The slim 1 & 11/16th neck on this guitar, combined with its large body and bass response, make it attractive to strummers and bluegrass players.

Depending on the model, they may be set up with light or medium strings.


D - Specifications:
Scale Length: 25.5”
Upper Bout: 11.875"
Waist: 11.125"
Lower Bout: 16"
Body Depth: 5"
Nut Width: 1 11/16"


The two main cutaway styles are Venetian and Florentine.

If you play high up on the neck, a cutaway will give you comfortable action. Many believe the cutaway is a reasonable trade-off of tone for playability.
LV - Larrivee Body with Venetian Cutaway

The Venetian cutaway has a rounded bout, as shown above on the LV-04.
C - Larrivee Body with Florentine Cutaway

The Florentine cutour has a sharp bout.

Larrivee made their first cutaway for Bruce Cockburn in 1975. The C-09 Brazilian gave Bruce's better access the upper register.

The two cutaway styles,Venetian and Florentine, are shown side-by-side below with a C10 on the left and an LV-10 on the right.

Other large body guitars by Larrivee include:
Available by special order.

The original Larrivee L steel string guitars were introduced in 1971.

The 02 series is the entry-level models for Larrivee.

The 02's neck is three-piece mahogany rather than a one-piece affair seen in in the other series. The peghead overlay is rosewood not ebony.

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